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Mexican food


Mexican Cuisine

About AzTec Taqueria

AzTec Taqueria is inspired by countless generations of Mexican cooking traditions from growing up in Fresno, California. Our menu is strongly influenced by taco trucks and Swap Meet Food with an indigenous twist. We aspire to be the most traditional Mexican restaurant in southern Wisconsin.

At AzTec Taqueria, we ensure every dish is made from fresh, premium ingredients. Our meats are prepped with explosive, traditional flavors and our vegetables are sourced from the highest quality in produce. Salsas and tortillas are handmade daily with ingredients from local Wisconsin dairy farmers or imported straight from Mexico.



Everyone is welcome at AzTec Taqueria, thanks to our menu variety, which includes vegetarian, vegan, gluten sensitive and dairy-free options. Our core menu includes a variety of Mexican tacos, tortas, quesadillas, burritos and salads.


Services include Dine-In (fast casual), Take Out, Pickup, and Delivery.


About Us
Why Choose Us

Why Choose AzTec Taqueria


Handmade Salsa

Experience the taste of traditional Mexican salsa right here in Verona, Wisconsin. Our handmade salsas are packed with quality ingredients and delicious flavors. Try our Pico de Gallo, Salsa AzTeca (Avocado Based), Salsa Verde, and Salsa Roja today!


Fresh Food

To provide the best flavor and highest quality of traditional Mexican cuisine, all our dishes are made fresh to order.

Fresh, Quality Vegetables For Cooking

Quality Ingredients

At AzTec Taqueria, we serve our dishes with the freshest, highest quality of meat, produce and dairy from local farmers and sellers. Try our handmade salsas and tortillas, prepared fresh every day!

Inside Our Kitchen

Inside Our Kitchen
vertical rotating spit called a Trompo

Authentic Trompo Cooking

To prepare our delicious Al Pastor (pork) Tijuana style, we use a vertical rotating spit called a “Trompo.” The pork is layered on the Trompo at the roasting station and trimmed to create an even cone shape, ensuring the meat is cooked to perfection. Every al pastor dish at AzTec Taqueria is shaved fresh from the Trompo!

Handmade Corn Tortillas

Our handmade corn tortillas, made with fresh corn and a few simple ingredients, are sourced from the highest quality of locally grown produce to bring traditional Mexican masa (dough) straight to your plate.

Cooks roll the dough for baking, pieces of raw dough on the wooden Board
Confit pork sandwich called Torta de carnitas on white background. Traditional Mexican foo

Delicious Food

Made Fresh

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